Monday, May 14, 2012

Corrupt Practices

By the way, I recognize the headline is super misleading.

Just wanted to highlight this article in which we find out that stimulus cash (which, let's remember, we had to have a constitutional crisis to get Harper to even do) flowed to companies involved in corruption.

The defence it looks like Paradis (who it's kinda hilarious to have on the "clean as a whistle file", by the way) is going to run with is "well, the municipalities picked the projects". Which has some problems, to whit:

  1. Your argument is that "hey, we didn't put into place any oversight, so nyah nyah"
  2. If you'd done a proper job of looking after the economy by taking a big picture view of where stimulus dollars needed to flow to build a better country, then none of this would have happened.
This is not a government that gets it on the economy. This is a government that gets if it says "economy" over and over and over again then apparently that's good enough, especially when the party that actually gets it cedes the field.